The Pixie Manifesto

Disclaimer: this Manifesto is evolving, just like me. I never get it right the first time…or the tenth.

This might be the Right Place for you If:

You are a Pixie. You love mischief, but not causing trouble. You love silliness and cuddling and creativity and sometimes NOT other people. Pixies need a bit of solitary time. You notice that life is better when you eat clean foods, closer to nature. This doesn’t mean vegetarian, it just means “cleaner”.

You love cuddling with animals, and maybe you are the Caretaker for one…or bunches. Animals make life better. You don’t mind clutter…especially creative clutter. A good mess gives you more freedom to Create.

You love lounging on a pile of pillows and blankets, known as a Nest (or couch/bed to others), and spend all day working on PixieThings if you can. You like getting away from the internet and all types of technology. Real books over eReaders. Cooking food on a gas stove instead of a microwave. Turning the cell phone off and writing the occasional letter.

You love learning about ways to take care of yourSelf. In general you are curious about How Life Gets Better.

You enjoy self-inquiry. What else do you really have? You have a body (we assume) and awareness, so usually, we recommend you start with that. How do things feel? Where is your inspiration? How do you relate to desire?

I can’t wait to share more with you….if you want to work with me, or check out my Etsy Store, please keep poking around!

pixie 1

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