The BEST Veggie Stew

I don’t know about you guys, but as fall creeps in (YES on Thursday!!) my soul aches for warm, soft, mushy stew. Full of squash and local bounty, this recipe can be changed to fit what you find at your farmer’s market, and all ingredients can easily be found at the grocery, if you want my version.

This stew does several things: It’s high in protein, vegetarian (or vegan if you don’t use butter) and FULL of antioxidant-rich ingredients to fight colds. Plus, the garlic in it will ward off vampires, or whatever.

Serves 4:

1 Large Yellow Onion (diced)

3 Stalks Celery (slice or dice…make it bite size!)

3 Carrots (diced)

1 Large Sweet potato (diced ) – you can also use a butternut squash, pumpkin, or any other yellow squash here. You need about 2 cups total.

1 Can Cannelini Beans (15 oz) drained, NOT rinsed

1 Bunch of Kale or Chard (shredded up)

1 Cup Quinoa

4 Cups Vegetable Stock

4 Cups Water

4 T Butter or Olive Oil (or mix them; I used butter only)

5 Cloves garlic, crushed

1 tsp salt (or more, to taste)

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp ancho chili pepper powder


Start with a large soup pot, warming your oil or melting butter. Add in first 4 ingredients. Cook on medium heat about 10 minutes (onions sweat) and add last 5 ingredients. Mix together and cook another 5 minutes to unlock spices with oil/butter.

Add liquids, beans, quinoa, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, uncover, and simmer at least 30 minutes, letting quinoa cook and thickening the mixture. Taste to see if more spice is needed. The beans will be a bit salty, so you don’t need as much salt as you do for other recipes, but everyone’s taste is different.

Serve with a crusty sourdough loaf, smothered in grassfed butter, or something equally as magical. Drizzle the stew with olive oil.

Enjoy! What is your favorite fall recipe?


The Womb as Our Emotional Center

Recently I had an incredible experience that showed me the truth of the idea that the Womb, for women, is where we store all emotional reactions.

I had a terrible morning. Three nasty things happened in a row, leaving me feeling vulnerable, angry, alone and scared. I felt out of control, which is my LEAST favorite way to feel. And this terrible mood followed me home, to my nest, and into the interactions I had with my husband as the day wore on. A crappy old day indeed.

So in the late afternoon, I was reading a book, letting go (or trying to) of the events of the day, and my uterus started clenching and spasming very intensely. This isn’t really the “norm” for me. I took some breaths, placed a hand on my belly and offered mySelf Reiki. It didn’t do a darn thing (usually, that works like a charm for me). The pain was severe enough for me to get up out of bed, and into the shower, in hopes of the heat and water soothing me.

There is also a acupuncture point, three finger widths below the navel, that can help unlock pent up energy (i.e. cramps) in the lower abdomen. I gently rubbed this spot and it was deeply tender. So I’m in the shower, rubbing my belly, moving my hips, singing a little, letting the heat transform everything. And I got a HUGE release of energy. I got dizzy in the shower.

And all of my irritation, all of my armor, all of my anger completely went away.

I did a TOTAL 180. My husband was avoiding me (for his safety at that point) and I went to find him, apologize and communicate it. We had a great evening together.

So what the heck happened?

Well, the emotions that I had been storing in my body from the morning and early afternoon were all being stored in the tissues of my body, specifically, in my womb. I have “known” that the second chakra is our emotional center, “known” the the womb is a sacred place of sensitivity and emotional processing, for years. I had never experienced it like this. When the heat, my chanting, and stimulation of the Dan Tien point (below the navel), I opened that chakra and the energy processed through my body. I didn’t re-live anything. It was not scary. It was just the thing my instincts told me I needed, and I knew that it was a healing. That is often how healing unfolds: through discomfort and intuition, through the shadows we work hard to deny.

And I thought to myself that more women need to know this.

All women deserve to cultivate this sensitivity. All women deserve to know that there are energetic techniques that unlock energy and help the bodymind process reactions and stress that no longer serve. So I share it with you.

The components for getting stuck energy moving again are:

Movement (I was swaying my hips and gently moving side to side)

Touch: Use that acupuncture point I described, or just place your hands where it hurts. Rub gently. Massage. Your body is a holy temple.

Sound: I was chanting and singing. Anything will do, but making long vowel sounds helps the most. Envision the locked part of your energy asking for a balm to aid its healing and release. What does that balm sound like?

Heat: Heat transforms. It draws blood and fluid to the area. It gets stuff moving. (Please don’t use heat on burned skin, and if you aren’t sure if it will help you, ask your doctor first).

So investigate! What is tight? What is yearning for release, healing, letting go, and transformation?

Keep me posted ❤


Winter Skincare Routine

Winter Skincare Routine

I live in  the Northeast of the US. It gets cold. And even though this winter has been extremely mild (I was wearing flip flops 2 weeks ago), it still gets dry, and my pixie-skin gets very very sad. It gets dry, randomly bumpy, and sometimes breaks out in little rashes from who-knows-what.

At least, it did before I learned how to take care of it, and myself, during the cold months. I still get itchy, but it’s not nearly as bad as years when I used to make myself bleed from scratching. I no longer want to claw my skin off! Hooray! So here are my tips and recipes for loving on your winter-skin, and maybe even coming out of the season looking BEAUTIFUL!

  1. The Sugar Scrub: First of all, I know there are approximately 9 million recipes out there for these, so I’m not going to bore you with another one. The template: Mix up a cup or two of plain ol’ white sugar with 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (my favorites are lavender and grapefruit in equal amounts, juniper and sage if you’re feeling evergreen-y, and straight up frankincense). Mix in 1-2 T olive or almond oil. Use this mixture to exfoliate AND moisturize your legs, arms, torso…just not on your face, or sensitive bits (gosh could you imagine? No, don’t…yikes…) at least once a week.
  2. Drink a lot of water. Like, half your bodyweight in ounces. Every day. Yes, you will pee a lot, then your bladder will adapt and your skin will stay hydrated. You will look younger. You will lose a bit of weight. It is magic!
  3. Body oil. Every day. And STOP showering every day. Why? Well if you’re like me, you like a nice HOT shower, and hot water dries out the skin. It’s also not good for the hair to get washed every day. Shower every 2-3 days and save your skin, and some water. Instead of your daily shower, wash up your stinky bits with a hot washcloth and soap (my gramma calls these bird baths) and apply body oil every day. Template: Castor oil + Almond Oil + Olive Oil. Castor oil is veeeeeery thick and needs to be thinned. I use 50% castor with 25% each of the other two. I also leave this scentless, so I can add my own essential oil or perfume oil as I want. I also use this stuff on my hair for a couple of hours or overnight, about once a week.
  4. Baking Soda for the Face: You can actually use baking soda on any skin on the body, but I use it on my face at least once a week as an exfoliation. I just use about a teaspoon and rub it onto my wet face, gently scrubbing in small circles. My skin is smooth and lovely afterwards.
  5. To moisturize my face, I either use my body oil blend (castor oil, avocado oil, and almond oil) or I use ozonated olive oil. Ozonated olive oil has been oxygenated and it is amazing for acne, wrinkles, rashes, scars, fungal infections and other skin abrasions. You can use just a tiny amount (less than a pea-sized scoop, it’s solid at room temp) and massage it into the skin. I don’t wear makeup so I don’t know how it wears under makeup, but I can tell you that I look like I’m wearing blush all the time, and people comment on my skin and how it glows.
  6. Eat lots of colors. I know it sounds a little silly, but our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it is an organ of immunity and detoxification. It needs nutrients, especially the fat-soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K), healthy fats, and plenty of vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and sees give us these nutrients, making these foods daily or weekly contributions to a beautiful body and strong skin.

So I hope all of these little tidbits help you find beautiful skin! Good luck, and stay cozy!




On Easy Holidays…

On Easy Holidays…

Every year when the winter solstice and Christmas come around, I turn into a ball of tension. My skin crawls in anticipation of forced-encounters, too-much-sugar and the crash that inevitably follows, and the dry skin persisting despite how much castor oil and whatnot I slather on.

Not so this year!

And my sanity is so welcome, and so unexpected, I thought it might benefit my readers to share some of the things I am doing differently this year.

First of all, I started a deep meditation practice, daily. In years past, I have meditated or rested most days, but only for 20-30 minutes. This year, I sit for 45 minutes. It’s time that I carve out (and no, sometimes it’s not easy) so that I can shift my energy and take stock of what I’m working with on any particular day. The meditation gives me infinite gifts, but what I notice most during this time of year is that I am more OK with giving my body what it needs to stay healthy (and to say No to things that don’t serve me). I am also projecting less into the future and more content in my present moment, which makes me easier to be around. I *also* notice that I am more aware of my triggers, and less likely to engage in them. So there’s real change happening for me, and I like it.

Part of the change is that I have distanced myself a LOT from the typical frantic energy. These holy-days are just that: one DAY at a time, when we see family and eat good food. That is all. I am cultivating this perspective so as not to spend time anticipating and second-guessing (which both induce anxiety in me). Rather, I have made ONE list of things that must be finished in order for expectations to be met, and I have scheduled time to meet these expectations.

Normally, I try to keep it all in my head, and just get things done at the last minute. This year, I have been planning ahead just a little more, and wow, it really changes everything. While I plan, I refuse to worry about how it will all work out. It always works out. And if, for some reason, I can’t get all the baking and making done in the time I have, I am OK with going to the store and purchasing whatever I need. I let go of my expectations of MYSELF, as well as of the people around me.

Because of my increased awareness I am also eating more cleanly between holidays. If I eat too much at night, or too much sugar, or too much alcohol, my body rebels in very clear, very uncomfortable ways. So rather than get irritated, I thank my body for it’s clear messages and clean up the decisions I make. For me, this looks like intermittent fasting (I skip breakfast and only eat during an 8 hour window of the day), break my fast with raw fruit, and eat a nice dinner, early. In between the fruit and dinner, I eat a lot of vegetables, nuts and seeds, and avoid animal protein most days. I do eat plenty of fat, and drink plenty of water and tea. I am not denying myself anything…in fact, I feel marvelous! I lost a bit of weight, and when I want to indulge on those holidays, I know  that I can, and I know exactly what the consequences will be! How empowering! I don’t feel as though the holidays are a season to “get through” but rather, bright spots during a cozy stint of the year.

I also decorated my lovely home with homemade ornaments, greenery, and vintage ornaments, to bring in the feeling of cozy warmth to the home. I don’t personally honor Christmas, but Solstice is my new year, and I grew up celebrating Chanukah…so all the holidays of bringing light back into the world feel good to me. I set up a platter with crystals and candles on it, and we light it almost nightly.

All of these little changes and tidbits have resulted in my taking real pleasure in the late autumn and early winter seasons. By feeding my body and soul more consistently, and creating beauty in as many places as possible, I have left the stress and strain out of my heart and mind.

I hope you can find places of peace and light as the year turns again, that you find blessings in all areas of your life.


Blessed Be, Selah…


On Taking Time Off

On Taking Time Off

I am self-employed, and it’s not entirely realistic for me to take week-long vacations very often. But I DO need time to get away. I need time to replenish, receive, and nourish myself, after giving so much to to community I serve. And I need (and take) this time consistently. It’s not unrealistic.  It’s not hard. It’s not expensive. So I wanted to share with you how I take my time, and make the most of it.

The easiest way to take time for re-setting, is to keep a day of Rest sacred in our home.  Neither my husband nor I are particularly religious, but we both love lighting candles on Friday nights, sharing what we are ready to let go of, and eating some freshly-baked bread and butter. It’s a very simple ritual, and it sets us both up to “power-down” for the coming 24 hours.

I tend to be more stringent in the boundaries of my Sabbath, but that’s because I tend to like those structures in my life. I like a daily practice, no matter what. I like daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rituals. They mark time and help remind me to connect to something higher than my mundane stuff.  My husband doesn’t have that relationship with ritual, so he doesn’t do it. He respects and understands me, though, which is more than enough.

During my Shabbat, I don’t spend money. I don’t go online. I don’t have my phone on (unless I am alone, in which case, it’s on…in a corner, on silent, but “on”). I take the entire morning for reading, yoga, and meditation. In the afternoon I generally get crafty, do something with my sweetheart, and take a nap. Friday during the day is when I get all my cleaning done, and also some heavy cooking so we have leftovers and I am off the hook. I scrub, get dishes done, do laundry, and it all feels awesome. Sometimes I buy flowers for our table. I clear off the table. I get everything ready.

The next day is just for rest, for connecting to Divinity, for playing, and for enjoying the comforts of my life. You don’t need to take Saturday; you don’t even need to take an entire day…but unplugging and changing patterns is great for the creative soul, and for our stress levels!

My next favorite way to Take Time Off is to take a weekend ALL FOR MYSELF! This happens rarely. My husband occasionally goes out of town for a seminar (or vice versa…if I travel in my car, I load my car heavily with everything I might need for a “mini retreat”) and I am left in our cozy home, with only myself to please.

When this happens, I get to really indulge. I make sure the tub is clean (not that I can’t take a bath when he’s home…but we all know how amazing a hot bath for WAY longer than “needed” can be). I stock the fridge with my favorite foods. I look for movies on Netflix, or pull out my favorite black and white ones, and make a stack. I go to the library for a pile of murder mysteries. I set myself up with everything that I love, and don’t have to share, for a few days.

It’s not that it’s not possible to act on these impulses when my darling is home. I don’t mean to imply that I can’t do what I want when he’s there. That’s not it at all. It’s just that when I live with someone else, I am always taking into consideration what they want and how they will enjoy what I am preparing or watching etc. It’s not hard, it’s just automatic. So for a couple of days, to just please myself, is really delicious.

I light my scented candles. I bring snacks up to the loft and stay there all day. I leave my phone two floors below. I let the sun tell me when to do things. I change the sheets. I cuddle our animals and take care of them.

For me, the quiet and solitude are deeply healing. I believe that, in a world of noise, social media, instant gratification, and constant connection, that we truly need the balance of silence.  We need to be alone. We need to get comfortable with our own inner voice, our own selves, again. And the only way to do that, is to shift the environment we live in.

By environment, I don’t mean only our living space, although a weekend at a B&B can do wonders for a relationship, lemme tell ya.  What I look for in my shift is how things FEEL.  How does it sound? I might play an opera, or tune in on the radio for a symphony, because those are not our default playlists.  I cook something that takes longer than 10 minutes and 3 steps, with new ingredients…because 1. I have the time, and 2. it gets my mind working in a new way. Sometimes I will make big art, or paint a mural on a wall, or spend time putting color into a space that I didn’t love. Again, it’s about change in environment.

And yes, I still keep Sabbath. In fact, when there’s no one to talk to, I do my best talking with my Highest Self and Source. I rest more. I let go. I mull over previous weeks’ and months’ worth of junk, write it down, and burn it up on my back patio.

My neighbors think I’m nuts.

I’m fine with that.

How can you Take some Time  to come back to center, back to presence? As the holiday season approaches, so many wonderful (or maybe not-so-wonderful) events will be unfolding in many of our lives. It becomes even more important to take care of ourselves, and not get wrapped up in the craziness of the season.

All my Love



On Anxiety and Overwhelm (during the holidays)

On Anxiety and Overwhelm (during the holidays)

It’s easy to spread ourselves too thin with enjoyable activities and not even realize it…until a huge wave of overwhelm, anxiety, or exhaustion (which looks likeanything from getting a cold or flu this time of year or not sleeping well, to full-blown anxiety attacks) hits us over the head like a tons of bricks. Pixies, IMHO, are extremely susceptible to such waves, as we take deep enjoyment in all the season’s merriments, and sometimes over-do without realizing it!

It’s ALSO easy to prevent this from happening in the first place, and of course, to heal those waves when they do occur.

I offer this post in hopes that this holiday season, I will do more of the preventative things, and meter out my energy and time more carefully, thus avoiding the traditional post-holiday-crash that has occurred the past years. Ah, hopes. We’ll see!

Anxiety and overwhelm are to heads of the same monster. One is just a more intense version of the other (although I am not going to say which is which, because I have experienced both firsthand as being really nasty monsters).  What we can understand, however, is that anxiety and overwhelm happen when the Spleen meridian gets saturated, stressed and depleted.  The Spleen meridian in Chinese Medicine is our system of filtering information and input from the outside, and integrating it or getting rid of it, based on whether or not it serves us.  Very important. The Spleen organ is an immune organ, producing cells that fight infection (and harmful input…see the connection?) and is related to the earth element of grounding, healing and soothing us. The Spleen meridian plays a role in keeping blood and energy in the organs and body, digesting food and integrating nutrients, as well as processes of thinking, studying and memory. When the Spleen is imbalanced, we are worried, anxious and obsessively focusing on things.

So as we run around shopping, cooking, eating, drinking, listening to holiday music (voluntary or not) and adding sprinkles off sugar to everything we see, our Spleen becomes depleted. It is overrun with information and doesn’t have a chance to restore and replenish.

We may feel this as tiredness, or stress, or burdens of the season. We may not feel it at all.  What happens when the Spleen is *really* depleted, though, is that we get nasty monsters rearing their heads, and nice phlegm-y colds. Ugh.

To Prevent Depletion of the Spleen:

Grounding: In the colder months, it’s tougher to ground.  Ideally, we walk around outside, barefoot.  This simple connection of our energy with that of the Earth is deeply healing for our systems, and helps drain off excess energy. In the late autumn and winter, however, chances of that are slim! We can still ground however…and it still works!

Instead of going barefoot, simply go outside. Take deep breaths and let the cold air refresh you and cleanse you.  After walking about a bit, stand still, and visualize roots growing from your feet down into the earth.  The roots you send down are any color you like, but visualize them going to the center of the Earth to our heated core.  Then, as you breathe out, send anxiety, stress, irritation or any other emotion down your roots, into that white-hot core of the Earth.  The heat at our core will transform all energy that comes it’s way – negative or positive- into neutral, clean energy. You can then either offer this cleansed energy to fuel other creative processes of the universe, or you can draw it back up your roots, into your legs and belly, letting it nourish YOU!

Adaptogenic Herbs: The class of herbs known as adaptogens is quickly becoming deeply respected and, as more and more research is done, turned to for all sorts of support.  Adaptogens do exactly what their name sounds like: they help us adapt to the stress of our lives. They provide foundational support for the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems.  Any one of these herbs taken regularly will strengthen the system and work to prevent meltdowns.

I certainly recommend speaking with your health care practitioner or herbalist/nutritionist before you start taking any new supplements. 

Adaptogenic herbs are: Echinacea, Licorice, Astragalus, Ashwaganda, Eleuthero, and Schisandra. These need to be taken daily for at least a couple of weeks, if not several months, to truly help us heal. Dosage will vary person to person, so again, please check with a qualified professional before beginning any new herbs or supplements!

Light abdominal massage stimulates the free circulation of spleen qi and eliminates stagnation. Perform this exercise standing or sitting with your spine straight. Place your right palm on your upper abdomen. Inhale fully and gently. As you exhale, massage the abdomen with your palm, moving in a clockwise direction. Use the breath to whisper the sound “hu” as you exhale. Repeat 10 to 20 times. In addition to strengthening spleen qi, this exercise promotes good digestion.

Circling the Qi Gong Ball: One of the keys to strengthening Spleen qi is to engage in smooth, continuous movement. This exercise targets Spleen qi. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Hold your hands in front of your torso, with the right hand on top of the left. The palms face each other as if you were holding a basketball, and your fingers point at 45-degree angles away from you. Turn to the left, continuing to hold the ball. Turn to the right, rotating your invisible basketball so that the left hand is on top. Turn back toward the left, rotating the ball so the right hand is on top. You’ll know this exercise is working if you experience increased bowel activity and you have improved appetite.

All of these exercises and suggestions give the most benefit when practiced daily. You can mix and match or just choose one, if you don’t have time for all of them.  Remember: some is better than none, and the practices we engage in daily act as deposits in our health bank accounts over time.

How to Come Back from Anxiety and Overwhelm:

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, life gets hectic and we find ourselves in the feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

The first, most immediate tool that we always have on hand, is the breath: 

Place your hands on your belly.

Breathe in as you push your belly against your hands, slowly counting to 5. Hold your breath and count to 3. Then breathe out, deflating your belly, to a slow count of 7.

This rhythm of 5:3:7 is extremely grounding, and signals the bodymind that all is well and you are safe. As you breathe out, you may send your roots down (even if you’re indoors, this is highly effective!) and breathe out your excess energy into the Earth’s core. When we push the belly into our hands on the inhale, we turn on the diaphragm and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and the body’s “rest and digest” response, which is opposite “fight, flight, or flee”. This takes us out of anxiety and overwhelm immediately.

This technique can be done anytime, anywhere, and is subtle enough so if anxiety hits at a party and you can’t leave, you can at least take the edge off.

Then, when you have some time, get out your journal:

Write about why you are anxious or overwhelmed in a stream-of-consciousness way. Don’t censor yourself. Just let all the words and emotions flow onto the page. All the things you are keeping inside that seem petty or silly, let them out.

Then take some deep breaths, maybe even take a nap!

And come back, to write yourself a letter sharing the reasons why all is well. Remind yourself you have all the resources and abilities to handle whatever is before you. Remind yourself of how loved and supported you are.

Then, listen to this meditationMeditation to Heal Anxiety and Depression  It’s well worth the 20 minutes, and will help you let go of even more levels of stress and depletion.  If that one doesn’t work for you, simply type “meditation to heal _____” in YouTube’s search box, and be amazed at your resources and results.

Other ideas:

Kava Tea, especially before bedtime, is a wonderful soother-of-the-system.

Theanine is an amino acid that helps us calm down when tightly-wound. You can take it as needed (keep some in your bag or car), and it comes in chewable tablets, which absorb within seconds to provide relief.

Eat enough fat! Fat is essential for brain and cellular health! Coconut, avocado, and butter are all incredibly healing foods to take almost daily.  Also cashews have been proven deeply effective in soothing the system, and even in combatting depression! Walnuts are another amazing one, so add them to salads and other dishes anytime you can.

Avoid processed sugar! Ugh this one is SO tricky this time of year, isn’t it? But here’s a recipe I make and take with me wherever I go, as a contribution to the dessert table that can ease my cravings. I actually eat one or two of these, and my cravings for other sweets go away, or at least, calm down a bit!

Raw Brownie Bites via the Detoxinista
Makes about one dozen


1 1/2 cups raw walnut halves
1/4 cup cacoa powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (alcohol free, if you prefer)
1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 cup soft dates, pitted (about 10 Medjool dates)
1 tablespoon water

Blend all ingredients, roll into tsp-sized balls, and then roll in raw cacao powder to dust.

*Pixie variations: I reduce the number of dates to 7 or 8 and increase the cacao powder by an extra tablespoon or so, as I like my brownie bites to taste more like dark chocolate. I also love adding 1 tsp of cinnamon or pumpkin spice, or even 1/4 tsp of cayenne pepper!  You can also roll them in coconut flakes instead of cacao. I have even added coconut flakes (about 1/4 cup) to the blender in this recipe, but you may need a bit of honey or water to help it hold together if you do so.

What are your other tried-and-true methods for relieving holiday stress, anxiety, and overwhelm?

Hopefully this post gives you a few new tools to start working with, and helps you enjoy your holiday season to the fullest!

Blessings and Bright Warmth,


On Sisterhood

On Sisterhood

The world is heavy these days. I find my pixie-heart…normally up-lifted and warmed by holiday lights and cider….is aching for the world and the atrocities being committed on a day-to-day basis.

What is a Pixie to do?

I would *like* to crawl into my loft, where all of my craft supplies abound. To make messes and paintings and jewelry, seems to me, the best balm for the soul. But I pause.

What has retreating into mySelf gotten me?

(Well…as a quick aside, I believe it has actually gleaned deep wisdom and compassion, but this isn’t that kind of introspection. There is a difference between hermit-ing, and hiding. My inclination right now is to hide.)

It doesn’t get me anywhere. Actually, to be perfectly honest, it gets me junk food, or alcohol, or any number of other agents-which-numb-me and feel old, safe, and comfy. Easy. And terribly inauthentic. I recognize, after years of these sorts of heart-battles, that superficial balms do nothing to ease the unrest of my inner Self…except they provide temporary numbness.

Which, for some (myself included) is occasionally part of the process.  Sometimes, I can’t handle the entirety of the shock or heart-break. Small pieces only, please, and hold on the rest until I can actually understand, or attempt to look at the picture painted of what is unfolding in the world.

So much ache. So much dark. Right now, it feels like every Mother is crying out, and I feel isolated, and utterly helpless.

It’s quite uncomfortable.

It’s also what makes me human: my ability to feel empathy, and to hear the cries, and hold space for the depth of suffering present in our world right now.

What do I do in the face of so many tragedies, of so much karma being expressed?

Of course, I reach to my husband, my kitties, and my cozy blankets. I make a lot of tea. I practice a lot of candle-lighting, spreading light and prayers and compassion…first to mySelf, and then to my community. But the most healing medicine, is the sisterhood I recognize and enjoy in the communities I belong to.

I have many circles. Pixies need groups who are like-hearted to survive. I have built them up around me. Some are near, some are far. Some are passing glances, some are professional, some are deeply personal.

But here is what is always true: We can hug each other, and know that the Web we create together, is one of Light and Magic. The more we as wombyn (and Pixies) choose peace, choose light, choose laughter, in the face of all of this angst and desperation, the more we shift those around us.

And I truly believe, down to the tiniest of cells of the smallest parts of me, that when we breed light in ourSelves, we allow others to Shine.

I turn to my Sisters for more than support and hugs. I turn to them to vent frustration. To recognize how uncomfortable vulnerability can be. To offer words and resources of inspiration and solidarity. Without these moment of Sanity, we are nothing. We are all spinning out of control and listening to the media and Fox news as though it was gospel.

We MUST create sanity, solidarity, and laughter. We must, as wombyn and light-bearers and truth-knowers, work on healing ourselves so that others around us may heal.

Take actions of peace. Put your burden down. Rest in the Truth of your conscious essence, beaming through you, showing you the Light of your soul. And, as much as you can, take the suffering of the others in the world into your heart, and know it as your own. Do not let it define you. Do not let it weigh you down. Just know that Witness is a Sacred Role. We must NOT harden our hearts. We must envelop the world with our strong love, and dig deeply to heal these wounds that humanity is carrying.

We can do this, because as wombyn, we are the ancient Source of Life. We are deeply connected to tides and ebbs and flows of the MoonLight. We are That.

Remember who you are, Sistar.

With Love….Selah.