About the Pixie

Hi sweets!

I’m Robin and I happen to be a Pixie. I am overjoyed to be sharing here with you!

I have a varied background (don’t we all?) in life coaching, holistic chiropractic, nutrition, yoga, Reiki, as well as painting, ceramics, herbalism, knitting and crafting of all sorts, Jewish Renewal, and Reading Long Books For Fun (yeah, that’s a thing now. I consider my ridiculously long attention span a precious gift. Tolstoy is child’s play.).

I hope to share lots of sweet things: Meditations, Recipes, In-Sights, Offerings…things that connect us, and remind us that we are same, we are safe, and that “we belong to each other”.

If what I write gets you excited, but you have no idea about where to begin, let me help you along your way. Head over to the Pixie Store page for more information, and please be in touch!

Until the next….

Selah ❤

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