Daily Tarot for Self Care

Today’s offering is in support of a previous post on rituals for moving inward. I have, over the years, done a lot of Tarot readings and study. I have read for myself, and others, and I love it, I really do. But it can be SO overwhelming. There are SO MANY CARDS with SO MANY MEANINGS! In the beginning I would do a 3 day reading for myself almost daily, to see the different stuff at work in my life. Even that became too complicated.

So I present to you my ultra-simple, perfect-for-beginners, takes-5-minutes-in-the-morning technique for getting amazing guidance from Tarot. And, this technique can be used with all sorts of oracle decks and different Tarot decks, just so you know. Don’t feel like the cards you have now won’t work. They will work perfectly, no matter what they are!

Before the technique: Why Cards?

Well, for me, there is no easier way of getting information from Source energy. The cards work on a basis of the Law of Attraction, which means 2 things: 1.We cannot choose wrong and 2. If you don’t like the cards, draw them again. Nothing is set in stone, and the cards offer ONE perspective on ONE part of our lives…nothing that cannot be changed or learned from. So the cards are my guides each morning as I sit in meditation, wondering what kind of energy or challenge or whatever is floating through my day. Cards have no religion attached to them, and I find they work beautifully with any level of awareness you are bringing to the game. Take them at face value, or extrapolate your OWN inner symbolic meanings: it’s all good.

I *will* recommend a deck for beginners (because it is SO gentle, sweet, and lovely to use): Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot is one of the best. All of her Tarot decks have messages RIGHT ON THE CARDS so you don’t need to look anything up (and come with books to help, too) as well as lovely art. If you are unsure of where to start, start with her. I don’t make any income from recommending her decks, I just love them all!

NOW: The Technique:

On Sundays, I draw 7 cards: One for each day of the week.

Before drawing cards, I shuffle gently and pray that I receive accurate, helpful answers for my life, each day. I then rotate cards through my hands, and when one pops up, I take it out for that day.

I then place each card, face up, and right side up, in a line from left to right. I look at the overarching theme (is one number popping up a lot? A lot of major arcana cards? Messages that support each other like “balance”, “heal”, and “detox” or “communicate”, “love”, and “play”? ) I then place these cards, being careful to keep them in order, in a pile on my altar.

Each morning, I look at that card’s messages. Sometimes (usually) I draw one more card asking: “How does this card apply to my life today?” Or “What more information do I need about this card?”

And drawing the SECOND card of the day often gives me a great amount of perspective! I get context and clarity. I sit for a moment, murmur thanks, and then move into my day!

Example: Daily Card: The Chariot, symbolizing self-assertion, using our Will, taking control over a challenging situation, and asserting ourselves

Extra card (asking “What does this mean for me today?”) Seven Cups, symbolizing fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking and imagination.

My interpretation: Time to make some decisions and take some steps! Rather than waffling time procrastinating and avoiding certain situations (which I am going to keep private, but I knew EXACTLY what these cards were telling me about) it was time to get GOING.

So I did! And it was all easy stuff, that just needed to be finished. And I felt SO much more free and easy after having taken those steps. If it wasn’t clear to me, I could have even drawn another card.

If you are getting cards warning of a major conflict or challenge, ask “What is my best course of action to overcome this?” Or, “How can I best handle this situation?” and draw another card. But keep it simple. The idea is that this is just a little bit of Universal guidance for you for your day. It’s meant to not overwhelm you or feel like a burden. Just a doorway in.

Tell me how it goes!

Until the next,



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