A few years ago (6, to be exact) a movie came out called “Happythankyoumoreplease” (yes, all one word), and it had a tremendous impact on me. I didn’t really identify with the protagonist (except, played by Josh Radnor, I thought he was cute), but  I fell in love with his best friend, played by the amazing Malin Akerman. She plays a woman with alopecia, an autoimmune disease where you lose all of your hair…so she wears these AMAZING headwraps. And has no idea how gorgeous she is. And a guy falls in love with her.

It’s so good, you guys.

So the movie unfolds and she is (somewhat reluctantly) at dinner with the man who is loving her, and she tells the story of the phrase “thank you, more please”.

A man tells her that the world, or G-d, or the universe, is always listening. So when we are happy, we should always acknowledge the gift by saying, “thank you”, of course. But not only that…we can add in an extra message with the words: “more please” and the universe will provide it. It’s a very simple principle that amplifies our Light, and our Desires, and it brings us closer to receiving these things.

After seeing the movie about 6 times, I decided to start trying #thankyoumoreplease in my life. I said it when I got a great parking spot. I said it when new patients I really loved walked through my doors (and again, when they brought their families and referred people). I said it before a beautiful meal, and after the meal, and when people found my jewelry and made purchases. I say it when there is a moment of beauty, or grace, or peace, in my life. I say it when I  want to expand the energy of the moment I am living. And I use the hashtag on social media so that others, I hope, will start noticing those moments for themselves.

It’s meant to spread, to evolve, to grow. I hope you will join me! What moments are worth magnifying so the universe hears you as a co-creator of your reality, loud and clear!

An incidentally, thank YOU, for taking time to read, to follow, and to step into your life the way you are. You are amazing. You are powerful. You are enough. #thankyoumoreplease


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