Molasses Spice Breakfast Cookies

There are days which require plates of cookies with (almond) milk for breakfast instead of oatmeal, fresh fruit, or avocado toast. Sometimes you just wanna eat cookies all day long!

i *might* have been having one of those days recently. Rather than lose time on Pinterest or Google looking for a recipe, I just wandered around my kitchen and see what I could figure out. So for all I know, someone else has already figured out how easy these (healthy, but don’t tell) cookies are, and I am just really late to the game. If you are like me, and have never done this kind of cookie before, read on!

(also, I am writing down exactly what I did…but if you want to change things a little, go for it! I made this up and it worked, so if you change it an it also works, please comment so I can try new things, too!)

Makes 7 large breakfast cookies

-Preheat oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper

Combine in a bowl:

3/4 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

1/2 Cup Instant Oats

1/4 Cup quinoa flour (or another flour that will add protein and bind everything well)

2 eggs

1/3 cup molasses

1 T Honey

1 .5 T coconut oil

1/2 t each : cinnamon, ground ginger, salt

1/4 t each: nutmeg, allspice, ground clove

Mix well so all the coconut oil is blended throughout and no clumps show in your batter. It will be very thick and sticky. Plop large spoonfuls onto baking sheet and bake for 13 minutes (right? So weird, but I started at 12 and needed another minute…).

If you can, let them cool a bit…but warm they are AMAZING.



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