The winter solstice is on its way to us in the northern hemisphere, and it is a time I am learning to treasure.

While friends and family (and myself, at times) are lamenting an early sunset, I am revelling in evenings snuggling under blankets.  While many of us loathe this time of Dark, I practice USING it: I acknowledge what the Dark has to teach me. I honor the force of the inward pull, the drive to “turtle” mySelf away from others, and I listen. I listen to what it is I *really* need. Who am I, in the Dark, when no one else can see me? What do I need to thrive, when no one else’s heat can warm me? How do I survive, as structure after structure falls away into the Dark One?

I become my own Light. I surrender into the season, and take deep care of mySelf, and I weather each storm.

I also keep practicing on my sheepskin, every day, no matter what.  It is especially important for a Pixie like me, during a time that could easily bring me out of balance and into apathy, coldness, and isolation. I must practice drawing energy in, and moving what I have.

So tomorrow, I am beginning a 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) to honor the Dark. This is a Sadhana that has actually been going on since October, but since I am often missing the boat, and often changing practices to suit my needs, I decided “better late  than never” and made a commitment now, until the Winter Solstice to practice this particular pattern.

The mantra is Akal Mahakal, and it means “Undying, the Great Death”.  Cheery, hunh? Well, the idea behind chanting these two words over and over, is that as we access what is “undying”, what is “beyond” us (in the Dark, especially), that we access those aspects of ourSelves. We access and integrate the understanding that we are more than this life cycle we are in. We are the Light that holds Darkness. We are also the Dark that swallows Light. Our consciousness is expansive, beyond thought or word or quality. This practice gives us access to that awareness.

So I invite you to practice with me, starting tomorrow, for 40 days. Click the link below, and find something comfortable to sit on.

“Out beyond the fields of rightdoing and wrongdoing is a field; I’ll meet you there.”       -Rumi

Sat Nam,


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