A week or so ago, I felt myself coming down with a little cold. My energy was low, and my nose was like a faucet! I wasn’t having other symptoms, but I knew it could turn into something nasty if I didn’t catch it in time.

And honestly, Pixies don’t have time for colds while the sun is still shiny and warm, and the air is so cool and easy at night.

So I hopped into my kitchen and 20 minutes later, had a delicious and nourishing broth which I then made fresh batches of for the next week! I never got sick, and the flavors were SO good that I just ate it because it was easy! This is a lighter version of the Detox Soup I posted a few weeks ago, and it comes together more quickly so it will really do for a quick fix.

How to: (makes 1 serving)

Bring 1.5 cups of water to a boil

Add 1.5 t turmeric, one clove of garlic (crushed), 1/4 t pink salt, and 1/4 t cayenne pepper. I also added in black pepper, but that’s up to you.

Chop up a pile of kale (I used about 1 cup, packed, raw kale)

Add the kale and continue to cook for another 5 minutes. Stir in 2 t ghee or coconut oil. Squeeze in the juice of a lime, or half a lemon.

Put the entire thing into the blender (carefully) and pulse a few times to get it blended and lovely.

Slurp down and enjoy!

*You can certainly add other vegetables to this, but I was going for a very easy-to-digest and quick meal. It wasn’t particularly filling, but I wasn’t looking for that (when we start to get sick, appetite tends to wane as our energy is being used to fight the invader-illness, rather than digest food).

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