I thought this a fitting subject for the next post, considering my last post and how I can’t stand people going behind my back to find out about why I cover my head. Heh.

So here it is, Duckies:

The whole story: When I was attuned to be a Reiki Master Teacher, I was guided to cover my head whenever I leave the house. Before this, I had covered as a part of yoga and meditation practices, but not consistently.
In Kundalini yoga, men and women wrap their heads for a few reasons. 1. Energy stays protected. The energy center at the crown of the head is susceptible to the “noise” of other peoples’ energies, and some people are more aware of this than others. I happen to be quite aware of it. I can sense what someone is going through, or feeling, or how they are in a moment, when I tune in. The more energy work I do, the easier it is to feel. This doesn’t mean I go around intruding on people’s inner workings, it just means that I want to keep my energy grounded, safe, and collected, as much as I can. When I don’t wrap, I am more sensitive, and it’s not something I “want” to do all the time. Particularly with people who are suffering as I worked in the office, I used to become extremely depleted. I believe that my attunements as well as wrapping my head, have put an end to this depletion of energy, and they act together to protect my energy all the time.
2. It’s a gentle cranial adjustment, meaning that the support from the wrap actually cradles the skull nicely, and aids in the healthy pumping of CSF and the opening of Sushumna Nadi, the central canal of the spinal cord that is said to be the path of Awakening.
3. It promotes awareness of our commitment to a spiritual path. Yep, I have made a profound commitment to a practice larger than myself. That’s it: I am out of the closet 😉 It doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge in things like bacon, or alcohol, or chocolate…but it means that every day, I walk through the world, looking for connection and learning to love people. It means I move my body with awareness, and I feed my body with foods that feel nourishing. It feels good. There’s a lot of yoga, and a lot of laughter, and a lot of making mistakes and recognizing them, and moving on. When people ask, I say I am dedicated to Shakti, which is the Divine Feminine essency of all things.

Now, as I was covering, I was learning new ways to wrap, and joining groups on Facebook of course, of women who cover their heads, and I met Pagans, Christians and Jews who also cover. How exciting, right?! Well, for me it is.

I learned that sometimes a Deity asks that Her dedicant wear a cover, or veil, as part of worship. I learned that the New Testament says that we should cover our heads when praying, and that prayer should be constant. I learned that married Jewish women wear head coverings to keep their relationship with their husbands sacred. How beautiful, and how special, right?

I happen to be a married, Jewish woman. And while I don’t cover for modesty, I do LOVE to keep parts of my body covered, for only my husband’s eyes. It’s a small way for me to commit to us and the sacredness of our relationship, every day.

I agree with that snippet of the New Testament as well. Having the head covered in prayer makes a huge difference in terms of my awareness of the sacredness of the act I am performing. I know that there are plenty more not-so-feminist reasons for head covering, but this one, I like.

I also consider that Shakti (while not an incarnated Deity, other than incarnated in all the things of the world) DID ask me to cover. I am happy to have in-person, respectful conversations about that experience, but it’s too much to go into detail in a public blogpost.

Oh, and it makes me feel beautiful. I think it’s stunning, and that my hair isn’t much special, so covering it is a good way for me to go. I DO wear plain old hats, too…but having scarves wrapped around me makes me feel like a queen.

So those are my reasons. I am not growing dread locks. I happen to not be cutting my hair, but that’s because I am curious to see how long I can go without doing so. I do wash my hair because I’m not interested in growing gunk on my scalp.

Is this forever? Well….nothing is forever, right? But for the foreseeable future, yes. The longer I cover the more I like it. It’s not too hot in the summer. It’s warm and nice to wear a “perma-hat” in the cold months. I have an amazing collection of scarves. And, my husband, mother, and close friends are extremely supportive.

With love, and laughter, and knowing how silly I probably look to some of you,


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