Dear followers, I have read and tried SO many ways of DIY-beauty things…and made SO many messes and eipc fails.

I have FINALLY found the best way to make healing salves!!

In the old days, I just used melted oils and beeswax, and essential oils. And that got me far, but not far enough. My salves didn’t always work that well, and I never knew if I had exactly enough essential oil in relationship to carrier oil to be effective. Now, I have a new technique where the carrier oil itself is magic, and the essential oils are less, well, essential.

So here goes:

Infusing your carrier oil: This step is EASY but then you have to let the mixture sit for 4-6 weeks, so this isn’t an “instant gratification” method. I love it, though, because infusing your carrier oils means that there are TONS of nutrients in the carrier oil, and without any extra scent or essential oils, it’s a very powerful base for a salve!

Use a clean, dry mason jar with tight-fitting lid (I use the 4 cup ones). Place 1 cup of dried calendula into the jar, and fill the jar the rest of the way with almond oil. Cap and place in a sunny window for 4-6 weeks.

Do another batch with dried comfrey and olive oil.  Same method. Let it sit.

….dooo doooooo dooooooo (that’s the time of 6 weeks passing)

Time to strain! Use a large pickle jar or an 8-cup mason jar, and strain both the oils into the same jar.  You can also strain them and keep them separate. I know I will be combining them for future salves, so I just used one big jar. Roll up your sleeves. You will get messy.

Now, that oil is GOLD.  It’s FULL of amazing healing delicious particles of plant-magic.

In a double boiler (for 8 oz of salve, which I put into 2 clean 4 oz tins), melt 1.5 T beeswax with 2 T coconut oil. When it’s melty, add 7 oz (almost 1 cup) of your carrier oil. Mix together until all ingredients are well-combined.

Remove from heat, and stir in the following essential oils:

10 drops lavender

5 drops pine

3 drops rosemary

The result is a fresh, clean, slightly-medicinal-smelling mixture. Pour off into your tins and allow it to set, about 30 minutes-1 hour, depending on temperature of your kitchen.

You can use this salve on anything: soothing irritated or itchy skin, minor infections, burns, acne, scars, dry skin, rashes…you name it.

I love this essential oil combination but you can choose others as well:

10 drops of lemon balm

5 drops tea tree

3 drops grapefruit


10 drops rose

5 drops jasmine

3 drops patchouli

Nota Bene: The carrier oil recipe makes a ton of oil! This is because it takes a long time, and I like making a big batch. I will most likely make some gifts with this oil this winter, as well as keep my family supplied.  To store the carrier oil, keep it somewhere out of direct light (in darkness is even better) and relatively cool. This base is safe for the majority of the population, and a huge array of skin conditions. I actually use it as a moisturizer when the weather is a bit cooler and dryer as well. Playing with scents will also play with the healing properties. The essential oils in the first batch are specifically to heal the skin, but acne is attended to in the tea tree oil batch, and a deeply feminine oil as a personal lubricant can be made with the rose batch.

Luck and messes!



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