Moontime is another term for “period” and “menstruation”, and I use it exclusively these days, as it reminds me of the sacred bind between a woman’s body and the rhythm of the moon cycles. In times when women lived mostly outdoors, a woman would menstruate with the new moon, and ovulate during the full moon. The cycle of the tribe followed the moon. And women’s bodies still contain this wisdom and connection. If we were to start living outdoors again, our cycles would sync with the moon phases. Incredible, I think.

During the moontime, women are especially aware of the world around them and the energy of people around them. Sometimes male energy becomes too much to even be around, and we find ourselves desiring a period of time to withdraw and rest. While taking a week off of work (or life) isn’t exactly realistic for most of us, we can certainly bolster ourselves and our bodyMinds in special ways when our moontime is flowing.

For General Well Being: 

Wear Red: Truly, our energy and bodyMind are aware of the colors and fabrics we choose to have close to our skin. This is always true, but when we are flowing, we may become even more aware of this connection. I have several clothing items that are organic cotton, and brick red. They are my moontime pieces. They feel soft, and flowing, and the color red enhances my connection with the earth. Red is not only the color of the blood we release, but also the color of the root chakra, which relates to the earth element so we can feel grounded, stabilized, safe, and nourished.

Bring red into your environment with candles, foods, clothing (even socks or undies!), sheets and other accessories. It will all help to soothe you and connect you with your physical body.

Drink Dandelion or Liver Support Herbal Tea: The liver is a huge filter for all the blood of the body, which also produces components needed for hormone formulation, and regulates hormone balance. If the liver is stressed because of toxins (i.e. alcohol, caffeine, sugar, cleaning products, hygiene products, makeup and other chemicals we are around daily) it has a tougher time supporting the hormone side of things. Intense cramping, exhaustion, and general aches and pains are generally more prevalent in a body where the liver needs extra support.

I actually drink a cup or two of Traditional Medicinals Every Day Detox tea almost daily throughout the month. I also recommend taking NAC or a tincture of dandelion or milk thistle during the moontime itself. I find that the cleaner I eat and drink, the easier my moontime flows.

For Cramping:

Take magnesium, or use a magnesium oil. Magnesium oil is very simple to make, and absorbs into your body much faster and more easily than taking an oral supplement. Magnesium is required for many body functions, especially healthy muscle relaxation (cramping = muscle spasm) and a soothed and calm nervous system (irritability and emotional instability = stressed nervous system). However you get it, make sure you are taking enough, or using enough, during your moontime.

I rub a spray or oil right over my lower abdomen, hips, and low back, and lie down if my cramping is intense. Within about 10 minutes, things have eased.

Heat: not a heating pad, OK? The thing about electric blankets and heating pads, is that they disrupt the body’s own natural electromagnetic field, and end up causing a low level of depletion and stress. Use a hot water bottle, or sew some cherry pits, lentils, or rice (all dry, please) into a sock or small pillow case. You can then heat this in the microwave and place it on your belly or back. So soothing and delicious!

Minerals and EFA’s: taking a trace minerals supplement and omega 3 essential fatty acids will help stave off cramps. These should be taken according to the bottle, throughout the cycle (not just when flowing). Evening Primrose Oil is especially great for women’s cycles.

Raspberry leaf tea: Can be enjoyed as well, and has an immediate relieving quality to cramping. Keep some in your desk at work, and sip on it all day long. You can combine with other herbal teas or some lemon juice, but it really just tastes green and fresh.

Other Sacred Rituals: 

When we are flowing with the moontime, we are releasing old ties, old goals, and old dreams that haven’t come to fruition. Use this time to consciously release what no longer serves you: old fears, relationships, habits, addictions, thought patterns… use the following template to release whatever you can! Because you will be lighting things on fire, this is best done outdoors, at night under the moon if possible.

Fire Ritual:

1. Light a red candle, and call upon a spirit guide or diety: Mary Magdalene, Gaia, Innana, Shechina, or simply Energy or Light

“Gaia Ma, I call upon you to help me release what no longer serves me, as I release my blood back to the earth.”

2. Write down what you are letting go of, and place it on a fireproof surface, like some bricks or a stainless steel plate, ceramic piece. Light the corner of it on fire, and light some white sage on fire:

“As the smoke is released, I release myself from being bound to these pieces of my old self. As the sage smoke is released, I am cleansed from the karma of these behaviors.”

3. When the fires have gone out (or you extinguish them), light some incense:

“I now receive the blessings and draw sweetness from the Goddess Gaia Ma into my life. As I am cleansed of the old energy, I am now filled with loving potential and readiness for my next manifestations and desires to take place in my life.”

4. Thank the Goddess and extinguish the candle.

“Thank you Gaia Ma for helping me in this journey. Over the coming days, please show me your blessings and how you are working in my life. I am You, You are Me, We are One, All is Well.”

Bath Ritual:

Draw a hot bath with 2 cups of epsom salt and 5 drops of ylang ylang or jasmine essential oils. Light a red candle and soak your body for at least 15 minutes.

As you soak, allow the frustrations, pains and disappointments of the past month to come up in your mind. Let the water draw all of the emotions and memories out of your body. When you have finished, pull the drain and affirm:

“As the water drains out, it carries the past frustrations and pain with it. I now easily release it and am cleansed by this healing water, ready for the new month ahead.”

You may add rose petals to the bath as well, but when you take them out of the bath, wear gloves. Rose petals accumulate our negative energy, and touching them after they are used can reintroduce it back into our system.

What else can you do to enhance the sacred quality of this time for yourself? Eat dark chocolate and drink some red wine! Watch movies that connect you to the person you are striving to become (strong female leads, with powerhouse stories!). Make some art , walk in nature, and take extra care of your precious self.

Until the next…


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