This is another one of the questions I get all the time, especially in the summer….”What can I use instead of synthetic deodorant?”

More and more women are interested in switching to natural remedies for B.O. because of the link between aluminum in antiperspirants and breast cancer.  It’s easy to make your own, and if it keeps your breasts healthy, why the heck not?!

And there are a bunch of answers….so here are a few choices, ranging in ease and effectiveness.  Pixies don’t mind getting fingers dirty rubbing deo-paste on the pits…so if you’re a bit squeamish there, you may want to simply get a nice deodorant crystal (salts etc) which you need to wet, then rub onto your pits. They work great, but I find them a bit drying sometimes. 🙂

First… an inside job:

Your skin is an organ of detoxification. Drink water, and eat a diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The cleaner the system, the less you stink. Truly. Your liver needs at least a week to detox stuff through your skin, so give these shifts time…in the long run, you will be really happy! (and your breath will be better, too)

Now, for the pits:

There are tons of awesome deodorant recipes out there to try.

My favorite ones include bentonite clay, which is easily found online or at various health food stores. Bentonite clay draws toxins out of the body, making it incredibly effective in keeping your pits from getting stanky. Get 1 LB and use it in toothpaste, baths, and masks…it’ll last you a year or so, at least.

This is the recipe I am currently using, and it’s not at all “goopy”, and very effective for summer-sweaty-times.

Homemade Deodorant for Sensitive Skin by Homemade Mommy

In the winter months, I make my own recipe (the one above turns to cement if my house is too cold, which apparently it is):

2 T baking soda

2 T cornstarch or arrowroot powder

2-3 T coconut oil

5 drops each lavender and tea tree oil (this is my favorite combo for all the deodorant recipes I share with you today. So powerful yet healing and soothing!)

Melt the coconut oil with the double boiler method, and stir ingredients in. This will be hard at room temp, if it’s cold in your house, or relatively easy to scoop a bit at room temperature for most of us.

I find this recipe just turns to liquid in the summer months, so I switch to the first link, and stays like play dough. A little goes a long way…just a pea-size lump for each pit should do ya!

This is the only one I haven’t tried yet, but it looks SO good I wanted to share with you:

Natural Lemongrass Deodorant on The Wellbeing Journal

What I like about the lemongrass link is the shea butter, and the recommendation of the lemongrass oil (which I haven’t used before, but I love citrus scents).

Give your body about a week to adjust to any natural deodorant recipe, and see how things change. I find I am less stinky when I drink enough water. I also have a really good sense of when my body needs water (i.e. not sleeping well, or if I am in the sun, or doing yoga, and NOT sweating even though it’s hot out…for me, that means WATER is needed!)

Good luck! Let me know how it goes 🙂


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