I am getting ready to move the pixie nest. It’s a wonderful blessing that my husband and I have been planning and desiring for about a year…and it’s FINALLY here.

But oy gevult (read: goddammit), it is a LOT of work to pack a pixie nest, 4 fur-babes, and all our possessions into cardboard boxes.

I have moved a bunch of times in the past 5 years. I believe the count is 4 and this next move makes 5.  I ought to be a pro, but each time it’s a challenge. Still, this time, I chose to do things differently. I pulled a Tarot card the harkened a move…a positive move, that might end up actually being fun.

Fun on a move? OK universe, show me how.

So my darling suggested that we pack in stages. Each weekend for the past couple of months, we put on some music, get boxes from the wine store downstairs from our apartment, and have at it. Start with obscure, work toward finite and used-often. It HAS been easy.

It’s also been a time of Great Purging and Simplifying.

We hate those dishes….get rid of them! We have new sheets. Get rid of the old (or use them for packing). I never wear that sweater, this movie was terrible, these vitamins are almost gone…Consolidation and Release have been two key concepts for me lately. Over and over I repeat: I can let this go. I can put this away. I can move forward with Less.

And know what the coolest part has been? I cleaned off and packed my altar last weekend…and it made me cry. I keep so many treasures, and tend a varied pantheon of precious Beings with so much love…each time I disassemble it, I cry.

But then there was a Great Shift.

The altar holds ONE figure, of my darling Ganesha, with a few little stones and a candle to light it up. And the energy changed. I started up my mantra practice again, with a Ganesha mantra, and MORE energy moved. I mean, I am attracting and allowing things that I wasn’t even looking for…and at quite a speed these days!

The only major shift was that I have been making PHYSICAL room which is of course energetic room, and blessings have poured in.

So are you feeling sluggish or stagnant? Are you tired or having trouble moving patterns and relationships and jobs forward?

Clear some space. Toss out the clutter, organize things so they look beautiful, and start enjoying your space. What can you do without? What can you release? Make it an offering. Enjoy getting rid of it, and free up all that space/energy that you can be using for other things.

I promise, it works. It’s amazing, and weird, and awesome.

Let me know how it goes….


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