A Rainy Day is not JUST a day during which there is rain or clouds or other wet stuff falling from the sky. A Rainy Day is ACTUALLY any day that one feels would be best spent under covers, with a book and a large mug of tea/coffee/lemon water. Unfortunately, a Pixie cannot always stay in her Nest, as there are patients to see, clients to life-coach, and other Life Things demanding action steps and the like. What follows is my go-to list of things that I do when I am feeling Rainy Day. They work to get the body warm, lighten the mood, and increase courage for leaving the Nest.


First of all, I get my soundtrack going. I have chatted before about how important sound is, for our vibrational health and alignment. The Rainy Day is no different. There are two ways to infuse on on a day like this:

Something sunny, to improve the mood. I literally type “sunny” into 8tracks.com and see what happens. So far I have not been led astray. I get a little pep in my step and then moving around and into my day is more fun. But try it on any forum…Spotify and Pandora probably have similar options, to get the mood happy and moving UP.

OR….you can just let go into the mellow-ness of a sweet Rainy Day. There’s something delicious in this energy that keeps us snuggly and warm and very much like a sleepy animal. When I want to expand into the Deliciousness of the Rainy Day (which also makes me feel a lot better, BTW) I choose cello music, especially Bach, or old jazzy blues. You know, Ella Fitzgerald and such. Wonderful. Also anything in French. It rains a lot in Paris. There’s some sort of connection…but I’m not sure what….


I move my core. Start slow, with some gentle yoga aimed at waking up the spine and whatnot. Then I may add in a few Pilates exercises to really get things warm. I finish with several Surya Namaskar (sun salutations, another yoga thing) because they open every joint and work all the muscles, in a very balanced way, which feels wonderful for me.


A practice like Bhastrika Pranayama (breath control) can REALLY wake you up, and enhance energy. When we do a practice that gently creates heat in the belly, our willpower is increased, and stagnant energy of a Rainy Day is transformed into neutral or positive energy, helping us move forward. Please be careful with any pranayama you do, though. These practices are quite safe (though if you are pregnant, no strong pulling in the navel) but they are working on a very subtle level to unlock energy. A little goes a long way, is my rule of thumb. If you get dizzy or nauseated, return to a resting breath and make sure to drink warm water after you finish the practice.


I get dressed according to what my energy needs. So, brighter colors happen on Rainy Days, and neutral colors happen most other days. I have just a few items that are beautiful yellows and reds. I don’t tend much toward orange, except in scarves etc. What makes you feel beautiful and confident? Wear it. It could just be a pair of undies or painting your toenails. It doesn’t matter if others see it! This is about treating yourself beautifully.


Eat warm stuff.  In Ayurveda (Indian medicine), cold food reduces our digestive fire AND the fire we just cultivated in working our core and our breathing practice. We WANT that fire! So eat something warm and nourishing. You pick. Hopefully it’s not something with tons of sugar or processed flour, but sometimes a Pixie needs a fresh doughnut!

Usually I only choose one or two of these practices to move into my day. I love moving my body and pranayama practices, so that’s often it, to a great playlist. I also meditate most days, which helps cultivate balance and presence. It’s all good.

So tell me, what do you do for a Rainy Day?

With love, until the next…


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