I don’t make resolutions in January. I find the idea of “new year, new you” really intimidating, and it tends to set me up for failure. No thanks!

So instead…I am on a constant road of Evolution…and I offer Resolve, or make resolutions, throughout the year, when it strikes me that I could use a structured commitment to mySelf, to renew some behavior or pattern in my life. But as I AM on a path of Evolution, I fully recognize that this Resolve and the pattern it evokes, will change and ebb away, as time moves forward.

Making a resolution to increase the presence of an element in my life, however, feels like a broader commitment and more earnest, more for my Highest Self, than a commitment to get to the gym more, or eat less sugar. That’s just me. I like things to feel foundational. Grounded. Exapnsive, full of loopholes and ways to reinterpret that Resolve, and help keep it alive and pertinent. Oh hec…the element of “getting to the gym” could be movement. And less sugar could mean more Earth. Just takin’ a moment to realize that ANY resolution could be elemental, if we stretch to find it.


Anyway, back to more water:

It’s pretty much the easiest thing I think I can do for my health. And why water? Well…it already makes up 50-75% of our body weight (if not more) and is required for hundreds of functions in the body. Most basically, we need it to flush out old toxins and junk that doesn’t serve us. It’s also the element of change, strength, and transformation. Take a moment to contemplate the various forms and formations water takes: steam, waves, snowflakes, rain, hail, ice…you get it, right? The more water we have, the more easily we go with the flow of life. It seems silly, but to me, we are MADE of elements, and we can use their inherent qualities to improve our human experience. Chock it up to my Pixie Life, but I do it all the time. Fresh air for meditation. Twig tea or rooibos for grounding and stability. Spicy food or lighting a candle to inspire, or get me going. There’s nothing like fire for intention-setting, for me.

I am a darn healthy pixie, don’t get me wrong. I have a very physical job, and I enjoy taking care of my bodymind in lots of ways. But, just like everyone else, I know that there are places that I ignore, too. I drink a lot of herbal tea, but not a lot of plain ol’ water. And I KNOW how important water is…I just kinda forget!

Beginning about a week or two ago, I began to drink more plain water. Sometimes a little bit of lemon, but mostly not. Sometimes warm, sometimes room temp…never cold. I must say, I am pleased with my decision to focus on this element of water in my life. And it has been easy!

Here’s How:

In the morning, I make sure to drink at least 2 glasses before I walk out the door. One glass as soon as I wake up, and the other as I am getting ready for my day. I find this improves my energy and reinvigorates me after yoga or a workout. I had been drinking water before movement, but not necessarily replenishing enough afterwards. I now enjoy the replenishing!

I go to my office, and serve people in all sorts of ways, and instead of tea, I drink mostly water…unless I want the herbs or spices in a tea for a specific reason. For example: Raspberry tea during Moontime is an amazingly nourishing and balancing ritual. Or I enjoy a rooibos chai tea after lunch to aid in digestion and warm the system. Otherwise, I have switched to water. Usually another 4 glasses.

When I get home in the evening, as dinner is made or beasts fed, I drink another glass of water. I may enjoy a glass of red wine or a beer from a local brewery, but the water comes first. Sometimes I drink another glass as I get ready for bed, but that’s not every night.

What I notice:

More clear and focused energy

Fewer headaches (actually…zero, which is awesome)

Sleep is better

Less hungry (Because our thirst mechanism is so weak, we actually interpret it as hunger. When we finally DO feel “thirsty” we are already dehydrated.)

My skin looks glowy and happy! Skin is the largest organ of detoxification and when we drink enough water, we are flushing toxins out more easily, thus reducing the burden on our skin.

Will you join me?

The easiest thing is to plan when you can drink a glass of water throughout the day, and then go for it.

The general rule of thumb as to how much water is half of your body weight in ounces. So a woman weighing 130 lbs would drink 65 oz or so…more if she is doing a lot of activity.

See what happens! Let me know how you like it!

Until the next…


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