Recognizing My Own Power (1)

I am AMAZINGLY powerful at creating terrible moods. I mean really, when I am a grouchy-pants, everyone knows. Everyone. I can walk into a room and instantly cool it down 10 degrees. It’s incredible!

So… I am learning to wield my power for Good, rather than Evil 😉

I study teachings of Abraham Hicks, consistently, and as I study more, I learn more. Today as I was driving to my office in a state of overwhelm-stress-anxiety, I remembered all of the recordings I have of Abraham, and started listening. Listening is REALLY important for me, in terms of how I feel.

Sound has a tremendous impact on us, and on what we are manifesting.

Examples: Car alarms, sirens, babies crying, pots banging around together…those things set my teeth on edge. They put me in a state of tension, and alertness, and irritation. Sounds like laughter, deep sighs of contentment, my cats purring, my heartSpace singing…those sounds put me in a state of joy and peace and contentment.

So anyway, I started listening. And this is what opened up for me in a NEW way:

I am 100% in charge of how I feel about every single thing in my life.

This is not a new principle for me. This is something I have heard, and felt, and thought I understood about 1,000 times. But TODAY it send chills down my spine as all the situations I have been feeling crappy about flashed  before my eyes. I don’t need to list them for you…you have your own list, right? All the things you feel less than Joyful about…they are ALL draining you of your power. And, you can change that.

As I sat in the car recognizing my Power to change how I feel about things, I welled up with tears: I don’t HAVE to get upset at the cats. I don’t HAVE to get pissed about another thing to do for purchasing a home, or planning a wedding. I don’t HAVE to feel exhausted at the idea of packing, or overwhelmed, or unworthy of the tasks before me.

My Ima, the most brilliant woman I know, used to tell me to make lists of things I needed to accomplish. In high school, I spread myself pretty thin, and I loved it. I loved each thing I was committed to. I was teaching Hebrew school, acting in at least two performances at once, taking dance lessons, and getting ready for college, all at the same time. At one point, I wondered if I would need to give anything up…and then decided not to. I became excellent at time management. And the BEST tool I used was making lists, and allotting time to each task at hand.

This activity isn’t as important as the way it made me FEEL: in control, confident, fun, powerful, and happy.

Arriving at the office, it was the first thing I did (after my Opening Office Ritual), and I immediately felt lighter, stronger, and easier. I made a list, and broke things down to small increments, with estimated time slots for each item. This removed the sense of Chaos and started expanding Order.


And now, I have actually already crossed a couple of things off the list, and I am feeling even better.

And I will continue to do that…continue to work at my lists, and cross things off, and add things on, just as long as I need to…but from a sense of I Can Do It, rather than a sense of This Is Terrible.

The faster we change our perspective on a subject, the faster it begins to change, and the manifestations of it in our physical life also change. We are all extraordinary creators.

The power always lies within….all we can do it harness it, or not.

By the by: What am I reading? Twyla Tharp: The Creative Habit and I am finding it excellent Food for Thought. If you are stuck in a creative rut, give it a read. It’s a treat.


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