Spontaneous Meditation: Falling in to OurSelves

I just listened to the podcast for Sounds True publications…and each time I do, I am inspired and motivated and opened anew.

Today’s episode (I have no idea how current it is…I sorta just find one and hit “play”) was an interview with the author of The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche. The book is a re-interpretation of the Bhairava Tantra, which is a yogic text dating back to 800 CE. Originally thought to be the words of the Divine Mother Herself, these sutras (which are short poems, almost…think Rumi, or Hafiz if you have never encountered the Yoga Sutras of Pantajali or the Bhagavad Gita) are gateways into the state of meditation.

What I loved about this interview was how Lorin explained that meditation is something that is ALWAYS available to us. The sutras are inviting us to take one breath, to do one small thing, and let our entire state of consciousness change. And, he goes on to say, that everyone seeking meditation teaching and guidance has already experienced this state at least once…but most of us have encountered it many, many times. At a time when so many of us are seeking access to peace and sanity, when so many of us are seeking teachers to guide the way, it’s wonderful to know that we have already known it, or already felt it, on some level. We are in essence, our own greatest teacher.

The elusive goal of meditation is always to become deeply aware and conscious of ourSelves and our surroundings. People report feelings of peace, compassion, empathy, unconditional love, and even access to knowledge and information that they weren’t aware they had before. When we meditate with some consistency, stress levels are reduced, which increases overall well-being, and reduces risk of stress-related dis-ease (it can easily be argued that ALL dis-ease is caused by stress…so there’s that to ponder, too).

So how to we fall into meditation?

There are so many ways! The purring of a cat, a moment of admiring a sunrise or something beautiful in nature, music, dancing, singing…any creative outlet…any vehicle that brings us out of time and focused exclusively on the present moment.

Of course, we can sit formally as well…but what Lorin teaches us, is that when we can identify the places in our lives where meditation is happening spontaneously, we can develop a practice to cultivate this feeling with consistency and ease.  Meditation practice is a gift, not an obligation. We sit because it’s a relief to let go of everything and enter a deeply relaxed, and deeply conscious state.

For me, spontaneous meditation happens when I am at the pottery wheel, throwing or trimming a piece of clay. It also occurs with the animals of the house, and when I am chopping vegetables, practicing asana, and chanting in Sanskrit or Hebrew. I have moments out in nature when my edges dissolve and I feel I am just the wind and light and Awake, and the world is pulsing and beautifully lush. In my HeartSpace’s arms, listening to his breathing, or feeling the weight of his arm on top of me…again, my borders give way and I am just Watching.

This is our Right as human Beings…to access this incredibly delicious, expansive, peaceful place.

Where is your doorway? How many times during the day can you find yourSelf in Presence?

Until next time,


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