Earth-friendly Recipes for Clean Pixies

I am on a quest to make my life as clean as I can.

Clean living doesn’t mean I have the perfect diet, or live in the middle of the woods (although…a pixieNest in the middle of a forest DOES sound tempting, eh?), or even drive an electric car. It means that I do the best I can to save water, power, plant things that help the earth, and avoid chemicals that poison both my physical body, and the world at large. It makes a lot of sense in my life that the way I run my home has an effect on the world at large. If I am careless with my water usage, how can I get annoyed at folks watering lawns during a drought? If I am using chemicals in shampoos, facial cleansers and deodorants, how can I get upset with people who use chemicals in their yards for fertilizing and killing weeds, or at people who spray for bugs around their houses? In this Pixie life, each of us has a responsibility to care for ourSelves and the environment so future generations HAVE an environment.

Here’s what I know: Any (and I do mean ANY) synthetic substance we use on the skin, or put into our body, or have in the environment, makes the “thing it’s reacting to” work harder. At first this might not seem so bad…but over time, if you really look and see how many chemicals exist in your life, you will notice that it’s a lot…and those chemicals TRULY tax our system of Life over time.

Here are a few EASY ways you can start replacing synthetic things with natural choices.

Soap: Vegetable glycerin soap, and soaps made from all organic ingredients, are incredibly effective. I use Dr. Bronner’s, which I buy in bulk unscented and then make small batches with different blends of essential oils depending on the season. I use this soap on my body, sometimes my hair, and my face. I also use it to wash floors, mirrors, and stove tops.

My favorite blends of essential oils are:

Bergamot + Orange + Cinnamon

Peppermint + Wintergreen + Camphor

Lavender + Tea Tree

Rose + Patchouli

I generally go with about 20 drops total of essential oil per 16 oz of soap. If you are very sensitive, go for 10 drops total.


My FAVORITE recipe is also extremely simple and cheap. It works very well, and my only current “glitch” is how it gets quite soupy in the summertime. I just keep it in the fridge and dig some out with a spoon each morning. ; )

1/4 c each: Baking Soda and Arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)

1/4 c melted Coconut Oil

10 drops each: Tea Tree + Lavender essential oils

Mix the dry ingredients with the coconut oil first, and get your consistency right. You may need a bit more oil, or a bit more powder. Just play with it until you have a thick mixture. Then add your essential oils, put it in a jar and keep covered, and scoop out about a half a dime for each armpit each morning 🙂

Facial Cleanser:

Olive Oil

Yep, that’s it. I put a warm wash cloth on my face for a few moments, and then rub about a dime-size drop of olive oil all over my face. I wait a moment (or a few minutes) and then using a warm wash cloth, wipe the oil off.

You can do this with coconut oil, or you can mix olive oil with castor oil (especially if you have acne or dry skin) or sweet almond oil (if you skew towards oily).

I do this at night, and in the mornings, I simply rub some oil onto my skin, with a drop or two of lavender essential oil. Awesome for healing and keeping my skin glowing.


I LOVE exfoliating my skin about 1-2 times a week. I use baking soda…about 1/2 teaspoon, mixed with water. I just rub it into my face and neck and use warm water to rinse it off. I follow up with a bit of olive oil to moisturize.

Lip Balm:

I just melt cocoa butter and put it into an old tube or container that I have held on to. Sometimes I add a couple drops of peppermint or orange, but usually I just like cocoa butter. It smells like chocolate and is awesome for moisturizing!


I use coconut oil or shea butter. Each have a natural SPF of 4-6. I also take extra calcium lactate before going out in the sunshine, and make sure I have plenty of healthy fat, too. These both help the body metabolize sunlight, and store vitamin D.

You can read more about natural SPF and Vitamin D here.


Sometimes I use natural Ayurvedic toothpaste, but it’s expensive. Daily, I use a mixture of my own making:

1 t calcium powder

1 t bentonite clay

1 t baking soda

10 drops Peppermint essential oil

1/4 t stevia powder

You can also add 10 drops of Trace Minerals, and you can choose another flavor other than Peppermint. I also like Tea Tree and Cinnamon.

Mix up all the dry ingredients, then add essential oils and minerals. Store in a glass jar with a lid. To use, wet your toothbrush and scoop some powder out. Scrub you teeth well, and then rinse well.

This mixture re-mineralizes teeth as well as whitens! I use it at least once a day, and I LOVE it. It did take some time to get use to the flavor, but I like it so much more than any “paste” I tried to make with coconut oil. You can go ahead an experiment with adding coconut oil, but be warned: gloppy and oily lie in your future.

I hope these ideas inspire you and help you start cleaning things up in your cabinet! I will post recipes I use for cosmetics sometime soon, but until then, what if you didn’t wear makeup every day? Do you know how beautiful you are without it?

Just food for thought…


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