Abundance is a hot topic these days, eh? It seems to me that wherever I look, folks are chatting about Law of Attraction, co-creation, and other principles that put the power back into the individual. It seems natural to focus on these principles and look for deeper answers, after recessions and an unstable economy of late. There are fewer jobs to be had right out of college, so we go back to school, earning higher levels of education and accruing mountains of student loan debt. I’m in that boat for sure, but I don’t let that mountain crush me.

I am not a guru or all that wise…but I do know what works for me, and it works every time, so I thought I would share with you.

Ultimately (and yes, this is going to get a little crunchy, so just bear with me) everything is energy. And we (in human form) can tell if something is “high energy” or “low energy” by how it feels to us. If something is “higher” (meaning, closer to our highest Consciousness and Intelligence), then it feels GOOD. And I don’t just mean “good” like “Hi how are ya…yeah I’m good.” NO. This high energy actually gets us revved up. It feels juicy. Free. Inspiring. Loving. Motivating. Invigorating. Awakening. You get it.

When something (or someone, etc) is “lower energy” than where we are, or where our highest Consciousness is, it doesn’t feel good. Depletion, exhaustion, stress, overwhelm, aniexety, pain, illness…all these feelings and labels that don’t feel good are results of “low energy” stuff in our world.

So rule number one: Like attracts Like. Wherever we are, every single thing we are seeing is because we are a match to it on some level. We might not be doing it on purpose, but we are doing it nevertheless.

When we are focused on a high energy frequency feeling, we draw into our world, things that match it.

Rule number 2: We have control over what we focus on. That’s why any practice that helps you learn to focus, is valuable. Anything: reading, listening to music, breathing, meditation, yoga, knitting, walking…ANYTHING that brings you into the present moment, is helping you focus, and when you focus on something, it expands. (Rule number 3)

Let’s use these rules on Abundance:

I want to increase my income, and I want it to be easy. That’s fair, right? That’s a clear desire. Now, if I focus on WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE, I start to draw experiences and people into my life that allow it to happen.

So, increasing my income with ease feels:

Fun. Exciting. Empowering. Satisfying. Validating. Loving. Freeing. Stabilizing. Prosperous. Alive. Passionate. Inspired. Open.

When I focus on any one of these words for 5 deep breaths (meaning hold the word in your mind, and just let your breath fill your body and FEEL that word: focus), I start to amplify that feeling, and bring it into my life.

And get this, duckies: the FIRST MANIFESTATION of ANY DESIRE is the BETTER FEELING THOUGHTS AND OUTLOOK that you cultivate around the issue.


Yes. If you don’t already know about the fact that emotions are literally chemicals in our bodies governed by thoughts, please read Candace Pert’s Molecules of Emotion. Please.

So the way you know it’s working in the beginning, is that you feel better. You think better. You are getting excited about this idea. It’s on it’s way, baby!

And THEN you want to take some actions that ALSO feel the way you want the new thing to feel. For our example of Abundance, I recommend Sharing.

Sharing puts us in a place of More-Than-Enough. It feels helpful, empowered, exciting, caring, generous, flowing, freeing….you see the overlap, right?

Find tiny ways to share: crumbs with birds. Extra change into parking meters. Paying ahead at the drive-through. Donating items you never use.

Seek examples of Abundance in your life, and focus on what you already have a lot of.

Where am I Abundant? Cats, Love, Yarn, Malas, Earrings, Scarves, Warm Blankets. Food in my kitchen, Electricity, knowledge, resources, breath, music, beautiful colors around me, traffic noises…

Yes yes. You simply list what you already have. Figure out how to share it.

Offer it up to the Feet off Something Bigger (which can be Intelligence…we don’t need to believe in Divinity for this to work) and let it go.

So…how does it work for you? It’s a lifestyle and a practice…and every time I turn to it with my whole heart, I receive amazing results.

Let me know. What are you creating? Where are you focusing? How good are you willing to let it get?


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