This Spring has been an intense one. Now that She’s finally here in earnest (She took Her sweet time coming to my neck of the woods…plenty of rain, chilly days, and 8 feet of snow to melt ever so slowly), I find mySelf playing outside as much as I can…soothing in solitary moments of warm sun and easy breezes. I don’t care what the rest of my day looks like: when I can, I go outside.

After a Winter we thought would never end, where all I wanted to do was eat butter and read books, it’s a tremendous relief to let my edges dissolve into sunshine and open my body back up to the world.

This is where Self-Care starts for me: knowing the easiest things that make me feel better, and then just doing them. Not all of them, and not every day…but aiming my life to encompass deliciousness more often than not, helps shore up my stores of Sanity and Grace.

Another incredibly simple thing (for me) is honoring the relationships in my life. Relationships like that with my HeartSpace, my Mother and Father, my Sorellina and our Chickens. There are more, of course…but you get the idea. Folks who listen, love, challenge, and accept us for who we are, are precious gems in a world of people with faces in phones, who don’t think twice about authentic connection. (Not that my face in never in a phone, but you know what I mean, eh?)

So another part of my Self-Care, regardless of the time of year, and the day on the calendar, is to honor the people I love. I tell them. I give them handwritten cards. I pick up flowers (yes, for guys, too…Beauty is Beauty). I clean up more than the mess I made. I go the extra mile.

For my Mother this year, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude. She is helping plan the Pixie-Sage wedding, in ways that are wonderfully supportive and helpful. How do I say “Thank You” for keeping me sane, letting me overreact, accepting each apology, and offering new ideas? How do I say “Thank You” for thinking of details that will, in the end, make all the difference in the world, for the comfort and fun of guests travelling from far and wide?

Greeting cards, and even words…don’t seem to do justice to the appreciation, love, respect, and almost-heart-wrenching-connection that I feel for this Wombyn. She expresses Source Energy, and Infinite Safety, and Unconditional Love. She is Shakti. She is All That Is.

I will probably buy her flowers. And go to her and hold her, grateful to have her body still so strong and present. I will tell her “I love you, and those words don’t measure up for how I am really feeling.” I will make sure she knows, by how I look in her eyes. This practice nourishes me. I would wash her feet, if I could, as an honoring, as a prayer, as a surrender to her Grace. It feels GOOD to make sure people know how you feel about them, and what they mean to you. It heals us, to express emotions of gratitude and awe. It connects us more deeply, and helps us surrender to the tough moments, as they occur.

How do you honor the Mothers in your life? How do you unfold after a long winter? How do you take care of your Precious Self?

Selah ❤

And, Happy Mother’s Day

Until next time,


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