On Loving Each-Other

I hyphenated Each-Other on purpose, because as I typed the title to this post,  I real-eye-z’ed (meaning saw with my real eyes, not the eyes of ego ) that this is not just about supporting women (as I had originally thought…I wanted to write about sisterhood), this is about every Other Being we encounter in our lives (even the ones who make us want to vomit, maybe, even them).

The world is hurting.

Everywhere I look (and I don’t watch the news, or read papers…but how can we escape what is finally being broadcast after decades of being quietly ignored, shame on us for looking away) people are hurting and angry and scared. And they should be. We should be. Things are grossly wrong in this country, aside from the serious lack of ethics in our politicians (it seems smarmier to me this time, as the vitriol and toxicity are at an all-time high), we are being faced (again? finally? why can’t we give this issue the awareness and time it deserves?)  with serious problems of racism and a third wave of feminism. People are sick of being treated as “less than” and (white people are) scared of unknowingly perpetuating these issues.

This post really isn’t about the problems. It is not about racism or sexism or politics.

I would rather focus on the small actions I (and maybe you) can take every day, to start knitting the world back together.

“We are all just walking each other home” – Alan Watts

So, how do we “walk” together?

Here is what I am doing:

I am holding doors open for people, people of all colors, and women (I want to hug each woman, each woman wearing a headscarf or rocking beautiful dreadlocks. I want to whisper, We are in this together, Sister. I don’t, because I know how arrogant and condescending that would be…a white woman telling a woman of a different color that Everything Will Be Ok doesn’t work right now. But oh, how my heart aches to connect and whisper and hold hands.)

I am telling women they are beautiful when I see them on the street. I am nice about it. I smile. I gently say, “You are amazing. The world needs you.” It is tough at first. It gets easier. The more we stand for love, the stronger the courage-muscle gets.

I make eye contact and smile. Or, I nod my head in greeting. I am a white woman who wraps her head in scarves; people wonder if this makes me a cancer-warrior, a terrorist, or a monk (p.s. I am none of these things). I get looked at, a lot. I greet looks of wary confusion with an open heart: I beg to be asked why I cover. I will answer compassionately. I will remember that not everyone will understand or accept my answers.

I am good to children. I grin, and make silly faces. I say Hi, shyly. I let them know that women who cover their heads are nice and not monsters. At least, I hope that’s what happens. It’s just a seed to plant in a young mind learning the world.

I speak up when I see something happening that is not OK. I use my white privilege to help others. I stopped being silent when I saw things. I stopped just witnessing things, because the guilt afterwards weighed on me ever so much more than a moment of embarrassment  might while I fumble to step in and support someone. It’s not huge things. It’s Facebook comments; it’s asking people to re-think the joke they just told. Small moments of pursuing justice.

These little actions don’t even happen every day, but they are how I walk through the world right now. My arms are open, ready to catch someone falling.

And I hope, that when I am having a rough day, that a kind woman stops me to remind me:

the world needs you

We are all precious. Each life, a universe. Let us start to see the magnificence of Others, and to live in the awareness of That.

Until the next,


The BEST Veggie Stew

I don’t know about you guys, but as fall creeps in (YES on Thursday!!) my soul aches for warm, soft, mushy stew. Full of squash and local bounty, this recipe can be changed to fit what you find at your farmer’s market, and all ingredients can easily be found at the grocery, if you want my version.

This stew does several things: It’s high in protein, vegetarian (or vegan if you don’t use butter) and FULL of antioxidant-rich ingredients to fight colds. Plus, the garlic in it will ward off vampires, or whatever.

Serves 4:

1 Large Yellow Onion (diced)

3 Stalks Celery (slice or dice…make it bite size!)

3 Carrots (diced)

1 Large Sweet potato (diced ) – you can also use a butternut squash, pumpkin, or any other yellow squash here. You need about 2 cups total.

1 Can Cannelini Beans (15 oz) drained, NOT rinsed

1 Bunch of Kale or Chard (shredded up)

1 Cup Quinoa

4 Cups Vegetable Stock

4 Cups Water

4 T Butter or Olive Oil (or mix them; I used butter only)

5 Cloves garlic, crushed

1 tsp salt (or more, to taste)

1 tsp black pepper

2 tsp turmeric

1 tsp ancho chili pepper powder


Start with a large soup pot, warming your oil or melting butter. Add in first 4 ingredients. Cook on medium heat about 10 minutes (onions sweat) and add last 5 ingredients. Mix together and cook another 5 minutes to unlock spices with oil/butter.

Add liquids, beans, quinoa, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, uncover, and simmer at least 30 minutes, letting quinoa cook and thickening the mixture. Taste to see if more spice is needed. The beans will be a bit salty, so you don’t need as much salt as you do for other recipes, but everyone’s taste is different.

Serve with a crusty sourdough loaf, smothered in grassfed butter, or something equally as magical. Drizzle the stew with olive oil.

Enjoy! What is your favorite fall recipe?


The Womb as Our Emotional Center

Recently I had an incredible experience that showed me the truth of the idea that the Womb, for women, is where we store all emotional reactions.

I had a terrible morning. Three nasty things happened in a row, leaving me feeling vulnerable, angry, alone and scared. I felt out of control, which is my LEAST favorite way to feel. And this terrible mood followed me home, to my nest, and into the interactions I had with my husband as the day wore on. A crappy old day indeed.

So in the late afternoon, I was reading a book, letting go (or trying to) of the events of the day, and my uterus started clenching and spasming very intensely. This isn’t really the “norm” for me. I took some breaths, placed a hand on my belly and offered mySelf Reiki. It didn’t do a darn thing (usually, that works like a charm for me). The pain was severe enough for me to get up out of bed, and into the shower, in hopes of the heat and water soothing me.

There is also a acupuncture point, three finger widths below the navel, that can help unlock pent up energy (i.e. cramps) in the lower abdomen. I gently rubbed this spot and it was deeply tender. So I’m in the shower, rubbing my belly, moving my hips, singing a little, letting the heat transform everything. And I got a HUGE release of energy. I got dizzy in the shower.

And all of my irritation, all of my armor, all of my anger completely went away.

I did a TOTAL 180. My husband was avoiding me (for his safety at that point) and I went to find him, apologize and communicate it. We had a great evening together.

So what the heck happened?

Well, the emotions that I had been storing in my body from the morning and early afternoon were all being stored in the tissues of my body, specifically, in my womb. I have “known” that the second chakra is our emotional center, “known” the the womb is a sacred place of sensitivity and emotional processing, for years. I had never experienced it like this. When the heat, my chanting, and stimulation of the Dan Tien point (below the navel), I opened that chakra and the energy processed through my body. I didn’t re-live anything. It was not scary. It was just the thing my instincts told me I needed, and I knew that it was a healing. That is often how healing unfolds: through discomfort and intuition, through the shadows we work hard to deny.

And I thought to myself that more women need to know this.

All women deserve to cultivate this sensitivity. All women deserve to know that there are energetic techniques that unlock energy and help the bodymind process reactions and stress that no longer serve. So I share it with you.

The components for getting stuck energy moving again are:

Movement (I was swaying my hips and gently moving side to side)

Touch: Use that acupuncture point I described, or just place your hands where it hurts. Rub gently. Massage. Your body is a holy temple.

Sound: I was chanting and singing. Anything will do, but making long vowel sounds helps the most. Envision the locked part of your energy asking for a balm to aid its healing and release. What does that balm sound like?

Heat: Heat transforms. It draws blood and fluid to the area. It gets stuff moving. (Please don’t use heat on burned skin, and if you aren’t sure if it will help you, ask your doctor first).

So investigate! What is tight? What is yearning for release, healing, letting go, and transformation?

Keep me posted ❤


Daily Tarot for Self Care

Today’s offering is in support of a previous post on rituals for moving inward. I have, over the years, done a lot of Tarot readings and study. I have read for myself, and others, and I love it, I really do. But it can be SO overwhelming. There are SO MANY CARDS with SO MANY MEANINGS! In the beginning I would do a 3 day reading for myself almost daily, to see the different stuff at work in my life. Even that became too complicated.

So I present to you my ultra-simple, perfect-for-beginners, takes-5-minutes-in-the-morning technique for getting amazing guidance from Tarot. And, this technique can be used with all sorts of oracle decks and different Tarot decks, just so you know. Don’t feel like the cards you have now won’t work. They will work perfectly, no matter what they are!

Before the technique: Why Cards?

Well, for me, there is no easier way of getting information from Source energy. The cards work on a basis of the Law of Attraction, which means 2 things: 1.We cannot choose wrong and 2. If you don’t like the cards, draw them again. Nothing is set in stone, and the cards offer ONE perspective on ONE part of our lives…nothing that cannot be changed or learned from. So the cards are my guides each morning as I sit in meditation, wondering what kind of energy or challenge or whatever is floating through my day. Cards have no religion attached to them, and I find they work beautifully with any level of awareness you are bringing to the game. Take them at face value, or extrapolate your OWN inner symbolic meanings: it’s all good.

I *will* recommend a deck for beginners (because it is SO gentle, sweet, and lovely to use): Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot is one of the best. All of her Tarot decks have messages RIGHT ON THE CARDS so you don’t need to look anything up (and come with books to help, too) as well as lovely art. If you are unsure of where to start, start with her. I don’t make any income from recommending her decks, I just love them all!

NOW: The Technique:

On Sundays, I draw 7 cards: One for each day of the week.

Before drawing cards, I shuffle gently and pray that I receive accurate, helpful answers for my life, each day. I then rotate cards through my hands, and when one pops up, I take it out for that day.

I then place each card, face up, and right side up, in a line from left to right. I look at the overarching theme (is one number popping up a lot? A lot of major arcana cards? Messages that support each other like “balance”, “heal”, and “detox” or “communicate”, “love”, and “play”? ) I then place these cards, being careful to keep them in order, in a pile on my altar.

Each morning, I look at that card’s messages. Sometimes (usually) I draw one more card asking: “How does this card apply to my life today?” Or “What more information do I need about this card?”

And drawing the SECOND card of the day often gives me a great amount of perspective! I get context and clarity. I sit for a moment, murmur thanks, and then move into my day!

Example: Daily Card: The Chariot, symbolizing self-assertion, using our Will, taking control over a challenging situation, and asserting ourselves

Extra card (asking “What does this mean for me today?”) Seven Cups, symbolizing fantasy, illusion, wishful thinking and imagination.

My interpretation: Time to make some decisions and take some steps! Rather than waffling time procrastinating and avoiding certain situations (which I am going to keep private, but I knew EXACTLY what these cards were telling me about) it was time to get GOING.

So I did! And it was all easy stuff, that just needed to be finished. And I felt SO much more free and easy after having taken those steps. If it wasn’t clear to me, I could have even drawn another card.

If you are getting cards warning of a major conflict or challenge, ask “What is my best course of action to overcome this?” Or, “How can I best handle this situation?” and draw another card. But keep it simple. The idea is that this is just a little bit of Universal guidance for you for your day. It’s meant to not overwhelm you or feel like a burden. Just a doorway in.

Tell me how it goes!

Until the next,



End of Summer Rituals

Guys, it’s happening. Autumn is around the corner, bless Her beautiful gowns of glowing colors and chilly breezes. It’s time to review the season we have had, and make room for the next. In terms of our energy, the transitions between seasons are turbulent times, as light shifts and temperatures veer away from the previous highs and not-so-lows of high Summer. I always relish late Summer as much as possible…to trees as they *just* begin to shift into splendor, the cool nights, the humidity being cut by fresh air, and  even the beginnings of the scent of rot, as the Earth turns back on Herself, as such a pleasure to my senses. Tomatoes fall in droves from the plants, herbs are harvested and dried or made into pestos and frozen. The last summer squash get plucked and put into frittatas. It’s cool enough to bake bread again, and to want to eat it.

There is a tremendous amount of abundance offered to us right now, but many of us are distracted by planning for the next thing. hmmmmm….sound familiar?

So in hopes of bringing you back into your delicious, abundant present, I offer a few ideas for late Summer rituals, to offer both gratitude for what has been, and prayers for what will be. Take it all with a grain of salt, mix them all together, or make your own Way. It doesn’t matter…it only matters (and by that I mean, it only makes life more enjoyable) that you actually engage in a ritual that works for you.

Ritual Ideas:

First, clean. Use the fresh air and clear sunlight. Open all of your windows and doors. Clean with gentle, non-toxic products (Seventh Generation is a great brand, and I end up using vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice for most things). Clean your living space. Clean your sleeping space. Clean your altar space, making sure to dust any figurines, crystals, or special items you have there.

Cleaning gets rid of stagnant old energy. You are also paying attention to your dwelling space, and therefore, telling the Universe: ‘Get ready, I am making some changes here!’ It sets the stage for sacred work.

Bathe yourself. Take a hot epsom salt bath with some essential oils, or a nice hot shower. As the water drains off your body, set your intention: Dear Spirit of the Water, thank you for cleansing me of all that no longer serves me, and purifying me for the next season (or, part of this ritual).

When you’re done bathing, use a sumptuous body oil (my favorite blend is almond oil and avocado oil, with a drop of favorite perfume oil added in).

Dress in white, or whatever you consider your Power Color. What clothes make you feel totally alive and like the best version of yourself? Wear those. I like white because it is clean and a fresh slate. I like bringing nothing with me except my intention when I perform rituals.

Go to your altar. This doesn’t have to be fancy or big. Just a fresh flower in a vase, with a tea light candle, is perfect. The idea is that the altar gives you a focal point to work at. Grab a journal. Sit down and close your eyes, taking some deep breaths.

As yourself: What have I learned this season? Where have I been abundant this season? What lessons or challenges have I worked through?

Don’t dwell on negativity. This isn’t a pity party. It’s a time to simply take stock of your previous 3 months. Journal your answers.

Then, rest with closed eyes, and ask: What am I creating this season? What am I releasing, letting go of, and allowing its natural death? To what lessons do I intend to apply myself?

Again, journal. Make a plan. Set a few goals.

Write down 3 prayers, goals, or wishes on some dry bay leaves (yes, the kind you get at the supermarket, or your garden). Go outside and burn them on a fire-proof plate. As the bay leaves burn, your intentions are carried to the Universe.

Go inside, and give thanks at your altar.

Other ideas:

Draw oracle or tarot cards to help answer your future creation questions.

Make art symbolizing what you worked through in Summer, and what you anticipate for Autumn.

Gather some dry grass to weave as you focus on your prayers. Place it on your altar and let it hold your intention for the coming season. You can also do this with branches or other natural materials. Please be respectful when gathering such things, and thank the Earth for Her gifts.

Until the next turning,



A few years ago (6, to be exact) a movie came out called “Happythankyoumoreplease” (yes, all one word), and it had a tremendous impact on me. I didn’t really identify with the protagonist (except, played by Josh Radnor, I thought he was cute), but  I fell in love with his best friend, played by the amazing Malin Akerman. She plays a woman with alopecia, an autoimmune disease where you lose all of your hair…so she wears these AMAZING headwraps. And has no idea how gorgeous she is. And a guy falls in love with her.

It’s so good, you guys.

So the movie unfolds and she is (somewhat reluctantly) at dinner with the man who is loving her, and she tells the story of the phrase “thank you, more please”.

A man tells her that the world, or G-d, or the universe, is always listening. So when we are happy, we should always acknowledge the gift by saying, “thank you”, of course. But not only that…we can add in an extra message with the words: “more please” and the universe will provide it. It’s a very simple principle that amplifies our Light, and our Desires, and it brings us closer to receiving these things.

After seeing the movie about 6 times, I decided to start trying #thankyoumoreplease in my life. I said it when I got a great parking spot. I said it when new patients I really loved walked through my doors (and again, when they brought their families and referred people). I said it before a beautiful meal, and after the meal, and when people found my jewelry and made purchases. I say it when there is a moment of beauty, or grace, or peace, in my life. I say it when I  want to expand the energy of the moment I am living. And I use the hashtag on social media so that others, I hope, will start noticing those moments for themselves.

It’s meant to spread, to evolve, to grow. I hope you will join me! What moments are worth magnifying so the universe hears you as a co-creator of your reality, loud and clear!

An incidentally, thank YOU, for taking time to read, to follow, and to step into your life the way you are. You are amazing. You are powerful. You are enough. #thankyoumoreplease


Molasses Spice Breakfast Cookies

There are days which require plates of cookies with (almond) milk for breakfast instead of oatmeal, fresh fruit, or avocado toast. Sometimes you just wanna eat cookies all day long!

i *might* have been having one of those days recently. Rather than lose time on Pinterest or Google looking for a recipe, I just wandered around my kitchen and see what I could figure out. So for all I know, someone else has already figured out how easy these (healthy, but don’t tell) cookies are, and I am just really late to the game. If you are like me, and have never done this kind of cookie before, read on!

(also, I am writing down exactly what I did…but if you want to change things a little, go for it! I made this up and it worked, so if you change it an it also works, please comment so I can try new things, too!)

Makes 7 large breakfast cookies

-Preheat oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper

Combine in a bowl:

3/4 Cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

1/2 Cup Instant Oats

1/4 Cup quinoa flour (or another flour that will add protein and bind everything well)

2 eggs

1/3 cup molasses

1 T Honey

1 .5 T coconut oil

1/2 t each : cinnamon, ground ginger, salt

1/4 t each: nutmeg, allspice, ground clove

Mix well so all the coconut oil is blended throughout and no clumps show in your batter. It will be very thick and sticky. Plop large spoonfuls onto baking sheet and bake for 13 minutes (right? So weird, but I started at 12 and needed another minute…).

If you can, let them cool a bit…but warm they are AMAZING.